Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie: Project 2 for Cleanin out the Kitchen

pieRecipe: A bittersweet chocolate pecan pie with bourbon in a homemade butter pie crust.

Tonight I’m going to a Friendsgiving (yay for multiple opportunities to eat turkey!) and I wanted my contribution to use various items in my kitchen, given my now current week-long move (WOO). I also wanted an opportunity to try out a new crust recipe fromĀ  my friend, Mitch. So, with that in mind, I decided to make a chocolate bourbon pecan pie. My family was never a pecan pie family, which, it turns out, is a HUGE mistake, and I had never even heard of one with chocolate and bourbon, but since I had both of those ingredients on hand, this seemed like a must-do option.



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Banana Bread: Project 1 for using random kitchen ingredients pre move!


Recipe: Typical banana bread ingredients. That’s it.

I’m moving into a new place in less than two weeks (YAY–I got a super cute one bedroom cottage alllllll to myself. No more sharing walls. Got a yard and a deck. Close to Greenlake. It’s all very magical. See below for picture.) and decided today that I should try to bake through some of the more random ingredients I currently have in my kitchen so that I don’t have to move them. One of the more random things is a LOT of frozen bananas…. A banana is almost always somehow involved in my breakfast but sometimes I can’t get through them fast enough and when that happens, I throw them in the freezer. So, as of this morning, I had 10 frozen bananas and really don’t want to move them. Since banana bread is such a glorious glorious thing, the decision to make it my first pre move baking project was easy.


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