A Modified Boston Cream Pie (And Tips For A Successful Stress-Baking Experience)

ImageRecipe: A yellow layered cake with a pastry cream filling and raspberries, topped with a semisweet chocolate frosting (aka a modified Boston Cream Pie).

The last few weeks haven’t been particular wonderful for me so I decided tonight the perfect thing to do was to indulge in a little stress baking. And then to eat a lot of my baked good. However, as the evening moved along, my plans somewhat morphed. I have discovered the perfect steps to a successful stress-baking experience and I’m going to share them with you now.



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Hodgkin’s Disease sucks. Let’s eat cupcakes!


Recipe: Chocolate cupcake with a semisweet chocolate frosting, topped with a bittersweet chocolate, purple-sprinkle ribbon.

On April 17, I celebrated 12 years of being a cancer survivor. That day in 2000 was a crappy, crappy day so to celebrate that I’ve been cancer free for so long, I plan a ‘Suck it, cancer!’ party every year around this time. This year, though, I was feeling and continue to feel bit more timid about the situation – really, in my mind, I was more thinking ‘please cancer, don’t hurt me or my family again’, rather than telling cancer to suck it. Didn’t really want to tempt fate. So I decided to do a fundraiser at a local bar/restaurant – one of my favorites – Hill Country. I sold wristbands for $10 that allowed my friends to get happy hour specials all night long and sold raffle tickets – 2 for $1 – for gift cards and a dozen of my homemade cupcakes.


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