Bourbon Pumpkin Cheesecake and Pumpkin Chocolate Chip & Dried Cherries Cookes: It’s a Pumpkin-Baking Extravaganza!

Recipe: (1) A bourbon-pumpkin cheesecake with a bourbon-sour-cream topping on a graham cracker and pecan crust (picture to come tomorrow). (2) Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies with dried cherries.

It’s been a long weekend. And I needed something fun and relaxing to do. If you know me, and I assume you do if you’re reading this blog, you know that for me, this was the perfect opportunity to bake. But not just one baked good, oh no, tonight was a double header, my friends. A delicious delicious PUMPKIN double header. The first round tonight included a bourbon pumpkin cheesecake, complete with a bourbon-infused sour cream topping. (I’d like to make a shout out here to my friend, Ravi, for adding Jack Daniels to my surprisingly large collection of alcohol [it’s all for baking, Mom. I swear!] and allowing me to make said wonderful treat). The second round tonight consisted of a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie with (surprise!) dried cherries. But more on the surprise later.



October 24, 2010. Cheesecake, Cherries, Chocolate, Cookie, Pumpkin. 3 comments.

Brown Butter Raspberry Tart, you were stunning despite being potentially under-browned (you’ll get whan I mean when you read the post…).

Recipe: A homemade tart crust with fresh raspberries and a brown-butter filling.

When I was little and we still lived in Burlington, IA, I apparently loved raspberries so much that I would walk up to our raspberry bushes in the backyard, and with my hands behind my back, eat/bite raspberries directly off the bush. I don’t know what I was thinking or why I didn’t want to use my hands (I really can come up with no logical explanation for this), but I apparently REALLY loved raspberries. I think this behavior was a preview of my life to come, however, since I would go so far as to say that my family is a decidedly raspberry family. For example, at holiday times when we get a box of DeBrand’s chocolates, we fight/barter/negotiate to get all of the raspberry truffles we can. Any dessert we have, if raspberries or a raspberry sauce can be added, it almost always seems to be. Anyway, all of this to say that when I saw the recipe for a brown butter raspberry tart, I thought YES.


October 22, 2010. Raspberries, Tart. 1 comment.