Chocolate Pudding Pie – Never not a good idea!

Recipe: A chocolate pudding covered in hand-whipped cream in a buttery, flaky crust.

Recently, I’ve been reminded of various events from my childhood in Indiana. The county fair took place over this past weekend and, although I was never in 4H, I remember my Dad would take my sisters and me to look at the animals and the crafts the 4Hers had done. Likewise, the Fort Wayne Three Rivers Festival was a few weeks ago and, while it’s been years since I’ve been, I know the week’s events by heart and still miss going to see the parade on the first Saturday morning, followed by a walk around all of the sidewalk chalk art, and then a trip to junk food alley for elephant ears…. oh sweet, delicious elephant ears….

As I’ve recently started attending church again with some regularity, I remember Sundays and coming home from church to a lovely roast being pulled out of the oven, perfectly cooked, ready to be put on the Sunday dining room table for a family meal. The entire day’s events are memorable in fact, and until I was in my teens, Sundays were always the same. They started with my Dad fireman carrying me out of bed to the breakfast table (I despised getting up early – just ask my younger sister. I think she was terrified of me until recently because of my evil, still-need-sleep pre-teen and teen self… yikes! and, sorry Jill!) But we’d always have a home cooked breakfast, head off to church, then come home from for our family lunch. And this lunch, especially in the fall, often ended with my Mom’s specialty – pie.



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Rice Pudding Cake with Cherry-Nectarine Compote… Those Italians really know what they’re doing!

Recipe: A cake made of risotto with almond and apricots, topped with a homemade cherry-nectarine compote.

So I went with another random one this week – rice pudding cake… (why have CHOCOLATE cake when you can have RICE cake??…) It turned out to be a pretty awesome recipe though and I would DEFINITELY make it again! What for I’m not sure… but I’m sure there’s some occasion that calls for an Italian rice cake… (…Columbus Day? He was Italian so surely¬† he had rice cakes growing up…)


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Yeasted Sugar Cake (or, let’s try something new and different)

Recipe: A sweet, yeasted cake with a brown-sugar crusty top.

I have absolutely no idea what to expect from this cake. I decided this week I wanted to try something different than anything else I had ever done, and this one definitely fits the bill. Although I have to say, I have no idea how this is a cake, because so far the recipe sounds just like a loaf of bread. Yeast? Check. Sugar? Check. Flour? Check. Rising? Check. I have nothing to suggest – maybe I can provide more insight after I’ve tasted it, but right now your guess is as good as mine!


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I may be generally anti-cookie, but butterscotch oatmeal cookies, you’ll always have a special place in my heart <3

I could have posted a picture of my butterscotch oatmeal cookie crumbs, but frankly, this bag of Butterscotch morsels is prettier...

Recipe: An oatmeal cookie with delicious, delicious butterscotch morsels.

Recently someone asked me how I got into baking. I thought for a moment to myself – was it the summer when I was 10ish and my younger sister Jill, my friend Alicia, and I very randomly decided to make a cake from scratch and what was supposed to be a double-layer cake come out of the oven a whopping inch high? Was it before that when the same group of us tried to make a cupcake using Alicia’s mini bake oven and patiently waited by the oven for over an hour as the tiny light bulb tried to bake a cupcake that had accidentally been made with the mix and a tablespoon of water instead of a teaspoon of water? No, thankfully. No, my love of baking began in January of 2005.


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