Chocolate angel food cake with a pomegranate whipped cream frosting (go go experimental baking!)

Recipe: A layered chocolate angel food cake with a pomegranate whipped cream frosting.

I think in my entire life I’ve had angel food cake… twice? Maybe three times? It’s fine. It’s largely guilt free. I don’t recall it ever blowing my socks off though. But it’s been a long winter (read: working out has been sporadic at best) and I’ve been enjoying far too many desserts far too often, so I wanted to try my hand at something slightly less fattening. But, I wanted to do something interesting. So after pursuing the internet for various options I came up with a chocolate angel food cake. The only problem was that both times I had angel food cake it was with whipped cream and strawberries. Unfortunately, it is entirely the wrong time of year to buy just about any fresh fruit – enter pomegranate whipped cream frosting.



March 6, 2011. Cake, Pomegranate. 2 comments.