Chocolate malt cupcake review, and what’s next you ask? Heaven. Chilled strawberry, chocolatey heaven is what’s next, my friend.

The chocolate malt cupcakes turned out ridiculously well!! They were like eating a chocolate malt milkshake in cupcake form and it doesn’t get much better than that. The frosting was, as I feared, a little flat so next time I’d definitely beat it up more, but it still tasted really great and everyone seemed to enjoy them. So thank you random blogger who posted this recipe – YOU ROCK. This one’s definitely going in the future-bakery-must-have stack.



June 13, 2010. Review. 1 comment.

A review and what the hell, pesticides??

So the blueberry cornmeal cake was good. The co-workers seemed to enjoy it and commented, more specifically, on how the ricotta cheese gave the cake a nice tanginess. For next time, I think I’d add more blueberries because, really, you can’t ever have too many blueberries! And I’m still considering adding a cream cheese layer. Surprisingly, I think I could do with a little less of the cornmeal flavor… Anyway, overall it was fine – a good ‘hello, summer!’ cake.


June 3, 2010. Review. Leave a comment.

Pistachio torte review and upcoming treats

I’m still trying to decide the precise criteria I’m going to use to rate my desserts, but as an overall review of the Milk-Chocolate Pistachio Torte, I’m going to give it a so-so. My co-workers seemed to enjoy it. More specifically, people thought it had an excellent texture and, although it was dense, it was not too rich or heavy. But, I just wasn’t wowed. I think I probably would double the pistachio paste layer and maybe make it a little saltier so there was more of a sweet/salty balance – something to give it more of a pop. Anyway, that’s that. I probably wouldn’t make it again but my Dad has requested it when he and my Mom visit in August (YEA) so maybe I’ll experiment a little then and see what happens.


May 29, 2010. Review. 1 comment.