Fig and Almond Tart <3

Recipe: A tart crust covered in an almond and mascarpone layer, covered with fresh sliced figs.

I rarely watch the food network, which is a little strange I suppose since I love to bake and every time I do watch a show, I’m completely mesmerized. A few years ago I was randomly watching Giada make a meal with her Italian Aunt and I was completely hooked as they made this amazing shrimp dish (I’m not even sure I liked shrimp at that point – yes, I know that’s wrong, and fortunately I’ve overcome that wrongness – but I was still drooling as I watched them make it…). And then they moved on to dessert. And in this dessert were things that pretty much ensure it will be amazing… things like mascarpone and almond paste… heavenly, heavenly things that were being used to make a Fig and Almond Tart…



August 4, 2010. Figs, Tart. 2 comments.