Oreo-Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies (Don’t be fooled – they’re more eye candy than anything else…)

Recipe: Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies.

I’m going camping tomorrow with some friends and a few weeks ago we started signing up for food items we would bring. I saw cookies on the list and I immediately tagged them as mine because I will take any opportunity to bake that I can. I should say though-and I believe I’ve said before-I am not a cookie person, generally speaking.(Exceptions include lemon cookies, gingerbread cookies during the holidays, and butterscotch oatmeal cookies.) Otherwise, I’m out. They just don’t do it for me and, frankly, they’re not usually that interesting to make either. But like I said, I’ll take a baking opportunity when I see one and I’m extremely glad I did, because it gave me the chance to try out this crazy recipe I saw on facebook this week – oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies… I know! It’s ridiculous, isn’t it??!?



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Pear Pie (Or, let’s pretend like we’re back in good ol’ Indiana)

Recipe: Pear pie.

Tomorrow at work the Health Care team is having a diversity lunch where everyone is supposed to bring in a dish that either represents their culture or that they had frequently growing up. Last year, I brought in my Grandma Conklin’s Gingerbread – seriously can’t get enough of that stuff. This year, I went back and forth about what I wanted to bring, but finally settled on the perfect option: pear pie.


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It’s HOT. Let’s eat ice cream. ALMOND ice cream.

I never got a picture of the ice cream I made. So here is a place holder. I wouldn't eat this ice cream because it is unnatural colors, but it makes me happy just the same.

Recipe: An almond ice cream with salted almond clusters.

Holy cow. This past weekend was memorial Day weekend and all of a sudden DC weather decided it was summer. It’s HOT. I mean, when you walk across the mall after work and NO ONE is playing softball but it’s perfectly sunny out, you know something serious is goin on. And what do we do when it’s beastly hot outside? We eat ice cream.


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