Pear Pie (Or, let’s pretend like we’re back in good ol’ Indiana)

Recipe: Pear pie.

Tomorrow at work the Health Care team is having a diversity lunch where everyone is supposed to bring in a dish that either represents their culture or that they had frequently growing up. Last year, I brought in my Grandma Conklin’s Gingerbread – seriously can’t get enough of that stuff. This year, I went back and forth about what I wanted to bring, but finally settled on the perfect option: pear pie.



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Almond Cupcake with a Whipped Riesling Pear Creme Fraiche Frosting – the experiments continue

Recipe: An almond cupcake topped with a whipped Riesling pear creme fraiche frosting.

I was recently inspired by a cookbook my friend Janet loaned me, which was written by her friend who owns a bakery in LA called Kiss My Bundt (most amazing name ever). She makes bundt cakes and I’ve heard they’re fantastic! So I was really excited to flip through her cookbook and check out her recipes. I was inspired by a recipe for a Riesling, apricot and honey aphrodisiac cake where she soaks apricots in Riesling, purees the apricots, and incorporates both the apricot puree and soaking wine into the bundt cake. I decided to go with the same concept but use pears instead of apricots, because I love pears. A lot. They’re the best fruit ever and they make me think of spring and general happiness.


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