Blueberry Cornmeal Cake: Blueberries = happiness; will this cake also = happiness? We’ll see.

Recipe: A cornmeal cake that uses ricotta cheese, among other things, to create a unique texture, topped off with fresh blueberries.

After perusing my Bon Appetit magazines from months past, I chose a Blueberry Cornmeal Cake for tomorrow’s “meeting”. The recipe was included in the magazine due to a request from a reader who frequents the Huckleberry Bakery & Cake in Santa Monica, CA, which makes such a cake. Now, brace yourself, because I’m about to go on another ohmygoshIlovethesefoods rant.



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Pistachio torte review and upcoming treats

I’m still trying to decide the precise criteria I’m going to use to rate my desserts, but as an overall review of the Milk-Chocolate Pistachio Torte, I’m going to give it a so-so. My co-workers seemed to enjoy it. More specifically, people thought it had an excellent texture and, although it was dense, it was not too rich or heavy. But, I just wasn’t wowed. I think I probably would double the pistachio paste layer and maybe make it a little saltier so there was more of a sweet/salty balance – something to give it more of a pop. Anyway, that’s that. I probably wouldn’t make it again but my Dad has requested it when he and my Mom visit in August (YEA) so maybe I’ll experiment a little then and see what happens.


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Milk-Chocolate Pistachio Torte: Ain’t nuttin bad about that…

Recipe: A chocolate-pistachio crust layered with a pistachio paste and topped with a milk chocolate filling.

Tonight I decided to make a Milk-Chocolate Pistachio Torte, recipe courtesy of Martha Stewart’s “Living” magazine (thank you former apartment resident who never had her magazines forwarded to her new address). I love chocolate (milk chocolate, in particular – I know, I know, dark chocolate is a better chocolate, blah blah blah) and LOVE pistachios (yes, LOVE).


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My apologies to your waistlines, co-workers…

Recently, I decided to start baking random things every Monday night and bringing them into work for a mid-Tuesday-afternoon “Glucose Replenishment Meeting” with a group of my co-workers. Since I hope to own a bakery someday, and am making notes about my baked goods anyway, I figured I’d do it online. We’ll see how this goes…

Here’s to baking!

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