Butter Croissants: Fun bakin, good eats!

Recipe: Flaky, buttery goodness rolled up into a cute crescent shape.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a good baking challenge so I decided earlier this week that this was going to be the weekend of the croissant. This partly came about because it just seemed like something fun to do and also as a result of watching ‘It’s Complicated’ (don’t judge…) over the summer and seeing Meryl Streep somehow crank out croissants for Steve Martin in like an hour and wondering if that’s possible (it’s not…). Anyway, I turned to Epicurious for what looked like a more realistic and incredibly delicious and labor-intensive recipe, and I was not disappointed on either the taste or the fun baking process. My taste buds and baking needs have both been temporarily satisfied (although my waistline will almost definitely been in an unhappy place tomorrow given the MOUND of butter these things require…)



January 9, 2011. Pastry. Leave a comment.