50th Birthday Party Cupcakes

Recipe: Chocolate chocolate cupcakes with a red chocolate clay rose and champagne cupcakes with a chocolate “J” for the first initial of the birthday girl.

I had an order for three dozen cupcakes for a surprise 50th birthday party, which is exciting for a number of reasons, including that i get to share my cupcakes with an entirely new group of people. Since it was a special occasion, I suggested that I make chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and champagne cupcakes with champagne frosting.Initially I had thought that I should do a strawberry champagne cupcake, but I did a test run a week before and it turned out that the recipe I had was a.w.f.u.l. So i went back to my pink champagne cupcakes and just used straight champagne. Yum.



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Giraffe baby shower cupcakes (plan B)

Recipe: A chocolate cupcake with a dark chocolate frosting; a yellow cake with (blue) vanilla buttercream; and, an almond cupcake with a cream cheese frosting.

I had another order for baby shower cupcakes, this time with a giraffe theme. Now, the original plan was to make chocolate giraffes using a giraffe mold I found online. Unfortunately, it turned out that I had ordered the mold from a woman in Hong Kong and I found out a week after I ordered it, and a week before I needed it, that it was going to take another 10-14 days to arrive… So I ordered the same mold from a woman in Canada a week before I needed it, but it didn’t get here in time, so we had to go to plan B – giraffe cupcake toppers.


January 28, 2012. Almond, Buttercream, Chocolate, Cupcakes, Yellow cake. 1 comment.

Strawberry Champagne Cupcakes – Nope.

Recipe: A strawberry champagne cupcake with a champagne frosting.

I have an upcoming cupcake job for a surprise 50th birthday party and I decided I wanted to try something fancy-ish. The pink champagne cupcake recipe I have is pretty good and always gets food reviews, but it seemed a little not classy enough for a 50th birthday party. So I offered a strawberry champagne cupcake with a champagne frosting, not having tried the recipe first. Yeah – fail. For whatever reason, the cupcake flavor became indiscernible when it was both chopped up frozen strawberries and champagne. And the frosting – no. It called for boiled down champagne, butter, and powdered sugar. And it tasted like butter and sugar. So I added some vanilla extract. The consistency was fine, but it tasted not like champagne. Blah. Whatever. I was able to get the order switched to plain champagne cupcakes with a champagne frosting (the pink champagne recipe using straight champagne).

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