Chocolate-chocolate chip cookie and strawberry gelato sandwich – the adult version of a childhood summer favorite

Recipe: A chocolate-chocolate chip cookie and homemade strawberry gelato sandwich.

As a kid, when the ice cream man was rolling around the neighborhood during the summers in his then-not-sketchy truck (I have to say then-not-sketchy truck because, whoa, what happened to the ice cream truck in the past ten years?? Sketch city! Yikes.), I would always get one of two things: the pink panther head on the stick (the yellow gumball eye was totally the best part!); or an ice cream sandwich. I have to admit, the ice cream sandwich has fallen a little by the wayside as I’ve gotten older, but not because they aren’t completely fantastic. I think as adults, we just have fewer obvious opportunities to choose them as a summer treat. Which is kind of a shame, actually. (Although let’s be honest, at this particular moment if I could choose the pink panther head on a stick or an ice cream sandwich, I’d choose the pink panther head on the stick. But alas, that’s for a different blog when I find a random recipe online for this long-lost dessert.)



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