Pumpkin Cookies with a Brown Sugar Glaze…What Up, Fall.

Recipe: A simple pumpkin and cinnamon cookie with a brown sugar glaze.

Tonight the low in DC is 53. And I’m officially calling it fall. As such, it’s time for jeans, sweaters, jackets, and any and all varieties of squash. Delicious, delicious squash. Today, in fact, has been a two squash day for me. Dinner was spaghetti squash – my first time having it – and it was awwwwesome. Then I decided I needed to continue my evening of squash and move right on to pumpkins. And what better way to celebrate the pumpkin than to make it into a cookie? And then slather it in a brown sugar icing.  (Oh and then using the remaining pumpkin puree for pumpkin soup tomorrow for dinner. Yeah fallllll.)



September 24, 2012. Cookie, Pumpkin. 1 comment.