Berger Cookies, Take 1

ImageRecipe: A shortbread-type cookie covered in chocolate.

If you’ve never had a Berger cookie from Baltimore you’re seriously missing out. I’m not even much of a cookie person but these cookies… ❤ nothing I could say could do them justice. I love them so much that before leaving DC, I went to four different locations in town where these cookies were supposedly sold, only to find that they weren’t in stock. Unbeknownst to me, my friends similarly went on searches for me and also couldn’t find them, so I ended up ordering two boxes online to be shipped to Indiana for the holidays. The cookie gods were not looking kindly upon me though and I got a notice that they weren’t even going to be shipped until January 1 and I was leaving for Seattle the next day…but my parents love me so they forwarded on one of the boxes and yes, I ate them in a time period that I will not be revealing online. Point? I love them. A lot.



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