Snickerdoodle and Nutella Ice Cream Sandwiches {LOVE}

Recipe: Homemade Nutella ice cream smushed between two snickerdoodle cookies.

Snickerdoodles are by far my favorite cookie. By FAR. Chocolate chip cookies don’t hold a torch to snickerdoodles as far as I’m concerned. Blasphemous, I know. But I could literally walk by a million chocolate chip cookies without being at all tempted to eat one. Put a snickerdoodle in front of me though… Anyway, the point is I love the snickerdoodle. So I decided a few weeks ago to peruse the internet and see what glorious things I could do with said cookie and I found that people were putting Nutella in between two snickerdoodle cookies. And my world was officially rocked.



August 7, 2011. Chocolate, Cookie, ice cream. 2 comments.

It’s HOT. Let’s eat ice cream. ALMOND ice cream.

I never got a picture of the ice cream I made. So here is a place holder. I wouldn't eat this ice cream because it is unnatural colors, but it makes me happy just the same.

Recipe: An almond ice cream with salted almond clusters.

Holy cow. This past weekend was memorial Day weekend and all of a sudden DC weather decided it was summer. It’s HOT. I mean, when you walk across the mall after work and NO ONE is playing softball but it’s perfectly sunny out, you know something serious is goin on. And what do we do when it’s beastly hot outside? We eat ice cream.


June 3, 2011. Almond, ice cream. Leave a comment.