Molly-is-coming-soon Strawberry Cupcakes!

ImageRecipe: A homemade strawberry cupcake and strawberry buttercream, both with fresh strawberries.

My friends Rachel and Sam are expecting a new addition to their family soon-a little girl named Molly. These are for her! : )

Strawberries were on sale at the grocery store over the weekend and they inspired me to retry the strawberry cupcake recipe I made a few years ago (and failed at). Well, to be fair, the cupcakes were great (and are this time around too!) but the buttercream recipe in my cookbook was incomplete compared to the instructions I later found for the same recipe online. This time, I decided not to take the risk and just used my standard vanilla buttercream, minus some vanilla, and plus a whole heap o’ fresh strawberries! YAY SUMMER.


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Fireman Hat Cupcakes

ImageRecipe: An almond cupcake with a cream cheese frosting and vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream, topped with a red candy melt fireman’s hat and edible gold star.

I had a cupcake job today for a little boy’s birthday party, which is going to be held at a firehouse. With the fireman theme in mind, I got a hold of a chocolate mold for fireman’s hats and went to town with some red candy melts and edible gold stars. Badda bing, badda bam – fireman hat cupcakes! The cupcake flavors themselves were pretty straightforward – nothing interesting to say there. So I won’t yammer on this time – happy Friday, all!

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Harry Potter Cauldron Cake

ImageRecipe: A marble cake layered with a malt semisweet chocolate frosting, covered in candy melt mold to look like a cauldron.

My older sister, Amy, and her family are in town this weekend for the Girl Scouts Rock the Mall (it was awesome, by the way). But, as it turned out, it’s also Amy’s middle daughter’s 10th birthday on Monday, so I volunteered to make a birthday cake for the family party tonight. When I was visiting them a month ago, I made the mistake of asking Mia what kind of cake she wanted, thinking she would say something like “Strawberry!” Or, “chocolate!”. Basically, I thought I would get a standard cake flavor and that it would just look like…a cake. No, Mia is incredibly creative. And, what I got was “cauldron cupcakes!” – Mia is a big Harry Potter fan and I love her for this – made of a marble cake and a malted chocolate frosting….


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