Pink Champagne Cupcakes: You’re going to be in the VDay spirit whether you like it or not!.

Recipe: A pink champagne cupcake topped with a pink champagne frosting. It’s all very pink. And champagney.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I know I already made cupcakes last week for my office’s V-Day party, but it’s Sunday afternoon. And this is what I do on Sunday afternoon – bake delicious cupcakes and then run very very far in an attempt to fend off negative effects of said cupcakes. So here we go. I’ve actually made these cupcakes before, but it’s been a while and the recipe needed to be tested because these are the second variety of cupcakes being offered at my niece’s baptism in FW in two weeks. (The first was the chocolate chocolate cupcake that I blogged about last week.)



February 13, 2011. Cupcakes. 2 comments.

Chocolate Cupcakes for V-Day <3

Recipe: A chocolate cupcake with a semi-sweet chocolate icing and a milk chocolate heart.

Tomorrow at work they’re having a Valentine’s Day party. It’s very cute actually – you buy old-school valentine’s day cards from the Quality of Work Life Committee (yes, that’s the real name of the committee – I work for the government, what do you want from me) and then you get to trade them in for delicious baked goods at the party. Fun! And dangerous. Anyway, I figured what better way to celebrate V-Day than with a chocolate dessert covered in more chocolate and decorated with a chocolate heart. So that’s what I did!


February 9, 2011. Chocolate, Cupcakes. 1 comment.