Fireman Hat Cupcakes

ImageRecipe: An almond cupcake with a cream cheese frosting and vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream, topped with a red candy melt fireman’s hat and edible gold star.

I had a cupcake job today for a little boy’s birthday party, which is going to be held at a firehouse. With the fireman theme in mind, I got a hold of a chocolate mold for fireman’s hats and went to town with some red candy melts and edible gold stars. Badda bing, badda bam – fireman hat cupcakes! The cupcake flavors themselves were pretty straightforward – nothing interesting to say there. So I won’t yammer on this time – happy Friday, all!


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Harry Potter Cauldron Cake

ImageRecipe: A marble cake layered with a malt semisweet chocolate frosting, covered in candy melt mold to look like a cauldron.

My older sister, Amy, and her family are in town this weekend for the Girl Scouts Rock the Mall (it was awesome, by the way). But, as it turned out, it’s also Amy’s middle daughter’s 10th birthday on Monday, so I volunteered to make a birthday cake for the family party tonight. When I was visiting them a month ago, I made the mistake of asking Mia what kind of cake she wanted, thinking she would say something like “Strawberry!” Or, “chocolate!”. Basically, I thought I would get a standard cake flavor and that it would just look like…a cake. No, Mia is incredibly creative. And, what I got was “cauldron cupcakes!” – Mia is a big Harry Potter fan and I love her for this – made of a marble cake and a malted chocolate frosting….


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A Modified Boston Cream Pie (And Tips For A Successful Stress-Baking Experience)

ImageRecipe: A yellow layered cake with a pastry cream filling and raspberries, topped with a semisweet chocolate frosting (aka a modified Boston Cream Pie).

The last few weeks haven’t been particular wonderful for me so I decided tonight the perfect thing to do was to indulge in a little stress baking. And then to eat a lot of my baked good. However, as the evening moved along, my plans somewhat morphed. I have discovered the perfect steps to a successful stress-baking experience and I’m going to share them with you now.


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Hodgkin’s Disease sucks. Let’s eat cupcakes!


Recipe: Chocolate cupcake with a semisweet chocolate frosting, topped with a bittersweet chocolate, purple-sprinkle ribbon.

On April 17, I celebrated 12 years of being a cancer survivor. That day in 2000 was a crappy, crappy day so to celebrate that I’ve been cancer free for so long, I plan a ‘Suck it, cancer!’ party every year around this time. This year, though, I was feeling and continue to feel bit more timid about the situation – really, in my mind, I was more thinking ‘please cancer, don’t hurt me or my family again’, rather than telling cancer to suck it. Didn’t really want to tempt fate. So I decided to do a fundraiser at a local bar/restaurant – one of my favorites – Hill Country. I sold wristbands for $10 that allowed my friends to get happy hour specials all night long and sold raffle tickets – 2 for $1 – for gift cards and a dozen of my homemade cupcakes.


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Rubix Cube Cake

ImageRecipe: A three-tiered chocolate cake with a raspberry buttercream filling/frosting, decorated as a rubix cube.

A friend turned 30 recently and she requested a rubix cube cake for her 80’s-themed party. I haven’t had much experience making cakes and, as I have posted previously, I’m not always big into fashioning cakes/cupcakes to look like something else. But this was a challenge I wasn’t about to pass up.


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50th Birthday Party Cupcakes

Recipe: Chocolate chocolate cupcakes with a red chocolate clay rose and champagne cupcakes with a chocolate “J” for the first initial of the birthday girl.

I had an order for three dozen cupcakes for a surprise 50th birthday party, which is exciting for a number of reasons, including that i get to share my cupcakes with an entirely new group of people. Since it was a special occasion, I suggested that I make chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and champagne cupcakes with champagne frosting.Initially I had thought that I should do a strawberry champagne cupcake, but I did a test run a week before and it turned out that the recipe I had was a.w.f.u.l. So i went back to my pink champagne cupcakes and just used straight champagne. Yum.


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Giraffe baby shower cupcakes (plan B)

Recipe: A chocolate cupcake with a dark chocolate frosting; a yellow cake with (blue) vanilla buttercream; and, an almond cupcake with a cream cheese frosting.

I had another order for baby shower cupcakes, this time with a giraffe theme. Now, the original plan was to make chocolate giraffes using a giraffe mold I found online. Unfortunately, it turned out that I had ordered the mold from a woman in Hong Kong and I found out a week after I ordered it, and a week before I needed it, that it was going to take another 10-14 days to arrive… So I ordered the same mold from a woman in Canada a week before I needed it, but it didn’t get here in time, so we had to go to plan B – giraffe cupcake toppers.


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Strawberry Champagne Cupcakes – Nope.

Recipe: A strawberry champagne cupcake with a champagne frosting.

I have an upcoming cupcake job for a surprise 50th birthday party and I decided I wanted to try something fancy-ish. The pink champagne cupcake recipe I have is pretty good and always gets food reviews, but it seemed a little not classy enough for a 50th birthday party. So I offered a strawberry champagne cupcake with a champagne frosting, not having tried the recipe first. Yeah – fail. For whatever reason, the cupcake flavor became indiscernible when it was both chopped up frozen strawberries and champagne. And the frosting – no. It called for boiled down champagne, butter, and powdered sugar. And it tasted like butter and sugar. So I added some vanilla extract. The consistency was fine, but it tasted not like champagne. Blah. Whatever. I was able to get the order switched to plain champagne cupcakes with a champagne frosting (the pink champagne recipe using straight champagne).

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Baby Shower Cupcakes: It’s a baby rattle smorgasbord!

Recipe: A chocolate cupcake with a pink vanilla buttercream, a white cupcake with a lemon buttercream, and an almond cupcake with a cream cheese frosting.

It’s 1:30am. I’m tired. The gist of the story is I had another baking job – this time for a baby shower. I made cupcakes that look like rattles. There were numerous buttercream catastrophes, hence the being up at 1:30am. But they are FINALLY done. The end.

More to come later… when it’s not a time when I should be in bed….

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Panda Bear Cupcakes

Recipe: Chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate filling and marshmallow frosting and yellow cupcakes with a marshmallow frosting, both with panda bear faces.

A few months ago,  my friend Aimee mentioned to me that she had a coworker who was interested in having me make cupcakes for her daughter’s birthday. I got SO excited I immediately made a makeshift business plan. Then forgot about it. Then asked about it again a month ago and, thankfully, Aimee’s coworker was still interested. And today, as a result of all of this, I will be handing over my first batch of commissioned cupcakes!!


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