Marionberry Cupcakes: My cupcake tribute to Seattle (and DC, randomly…)

ImageRecipe: A yellow cupcake with a marionberry buttercream.

I’ve been in Seattle for about three weeks now and, with being out of my apartment in DC since the beginning of December, I realized it had been two months since I had baked. And I was getting twitchy. I needed my baking fix. So I figured that if I was going to bake for seemingly no reason, I should at least do something that was a tribute to Seattle. Enter the marionberry. According to Wikipedia (because I’m not writing a report for work and thus can quote Wikipedia as fact), the marionberry “is an indigenous blackberry developed by the USDA ARS breeding program in cooperation with Oregon State University.” Ok, so we’ll say this cupcake is more a tribute to the pacific northwest… But also, coincidentally, this cupcake is a tribute to my former home and a certain former mayor. You know what? Yeah let’s just call this an acknowledgement of the former mayor and not a tribute. I can’t look at my cupcakes as a tribute in that sense without feeling…icky.

Anyway. There’s nothing out of the ordinary with these cupcakes compared to what I’ve baked previously, other than using marionberry jam to flavor my favorite buttercream recipe. Since I had time this afternoon, I did decide to actually do something “fancy” with the icing though (ooooo, aaaaaaah). Kind of reminds me of the cherry blossoms in DC in April…*sigh*.

But enough about DC! This is supposed to be about Seattle and since I’ve had update requests here it is, friends:

Since coming out here, I’ve been snowshoeing and eagle watching–both incredibly awesome experiences! So

Even though I was a little sad about being out here during inauguration in particular (especially when seeing all of your related pictures on facebook) those two things more than made up for it.

Although it has been rainy, it actually hasn’t been that bad.

The days when it’s been sunny have more than made up for it!

The building I work in downtown provides spectacular views of the mountains, including Rainier, and the water (and ferryboats!) ā¤

Let’s just say that it’s not uncommon to find people at work staring out of their windows with a look of awe on their faces.

Even though I don’t have a window, I’ve found that if I walk slowly to the printer, I can catch glimpses of the outside world through the senior staffs’ offices (although it’s probably unclear to them what I’m looking at and my staring may seem a little creepy… I’m ok with this though. Maybe I’ll take them cupcakes tomorrow as payment from stealing glances of their views…).

Re my apartment, it’s pretty : ) I have a washing machine and dryer IN MY APARTMENT. First time in 7 years, folks. It’s also in a cute neighborhood,

Or so it seems. I only just yesterday had a chance to get out and walk around a bit. There are a number of cute restaurants, bars, boutique clothing stores, and approximately a gazillion

Coffee shops…too bad I’ve never developed much of a palate for coffee…that may have to change. Or maybe I’ll just pick my favorite one based on which one has the best scones or people watching opportunities…that seems more fitting for me. Also, there’s a pie shop like three blocks from me. Awesome and dangerous. Good thing I have to go up a down a few hills to get there. That’ll negate the pie eating, right? Of course it will.

Knowing a few people here already has really helped too. I’ve been really lucky in that sense–a few of them have taken to inviting me to various activities, which is incredibly nice and thoughtful of them. It has made the transition a bit easier. (And if one of you awesome people is reading this, thank you thank you thank you!!)

Soooo yeah. It’s been going well! I still haven’t quite figured out the Seattle culture yet. I feel like I knew DC even before I got there–but it’s an easy city to understand. Everything is out on the table and in your face in DC. Seattle is much harder to read, but that’s ok. I’m determined to figure it out because no way am I giving up these views and all of the opportunities that living near the mountains and water brings!


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  1. amy replied:

    LOVE it! So glad S-E-A-T-T-L-E R-O-C-K-S! Wish I could try your rock’n cupcakes. šŸ™‚

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