Chocolate fudge swirl chocolate peanut butter ice cream-what up.

Image[Actual picture to come soon – for now, enjoy my visual interpretation of chocolate/peanut butter love.]

Recipe: A chocolate peanut butter ice cream with a chocolate fudge swirl (sort of).

My ice cream container has been sitting in my freezer since last summer, just waiting to be used again. And, now that it’s cooled off from temperatures that were frankly too beastly hot to consider doing basically anything, even in the A/C, I decided it was time to make some ice cream magic happen! A friend recently proclaimed their love of all things chocolate peanut butter so I decided if I was going to make ice cream, I might as well do something fancy (pb is fancy, deliciousness in my book!) and satisfy their craving.

My friend, Lucas, gave me an ice cream book last year that he and his girlfriend had somehow gotten two copies of (THANK YOU, Lucas : ) ), and it just happened to have a recipe for chocolate fudge swirl chocolate peanut butter ice cream. It was a pretty simple process – heat up the ice cream ingredients, minus the peanut butter; add the peanut butter once the mixture started boiling; chill the mixture; and then put it in the ice cream maker for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, for the chocolate fudge swirl, I similarly boiled the mixture and then let it cool. Once the ice cream was done in the ice cream maker, I layered the ice cream with the chocolate fudge. Only….the chocolate fudge didn’t turn out fudgy so much as it turned out like syrup. So this morning when I pulled it out of the freezer, all the “fudge” had sunk to the bottom of the container. So my ice cream doesn’t have a fudge swirl – it could more appropriately be described as having a fudge layer, topped by ice cream. Whatevs. I’m sure it’s still delicious (hopefully).


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