Rice Pudding Cake with Cherry-Nectarine Compote… Those Italians really know what they’re doing!

Recipe: A cake made of risotto with almond and apricots, topped with a homemade cherry-nectarine compote.

So I went with another random one this week – rice pudding cake… (why have CHOCOLATE cake when you can have RICE cake??…) It turned out to be a pretty awesome recipe though and I would DEFINITELY make it again! What for I’m not sure… but I’m sure there’s some occasion that calls for an Italian rice cake… (…Columbus Day? He was Italian so surely  he had rice cakes growing up…)

This really was a nice cake though and it was great to try something different. I do, however, think I officially want to change the name from rice pudding cake to rice cake. Although the first step is to make risotto using milk, and there is an instant where what you have in the bowl is, in fact, rice pudding, when it comes out of the oven there is nothing puddingy about it. (Clearly false advertising.)

Anyway, done with that mini-rant now. So, once you have your rice pudding, you add chopped up almonds, minced dried apricots, and almond extract, among other things. Pretty straightforward, which is kind of nice (and gluten free for all of you out there with Celiacs Disease!). The ingredients make for a great texture too! I kept the risotto somewhat al dente when I made the pudding. When the cake baked it made the rice a little less firm, but the chopped up almonds gave it a somewhat crunchier texture… this all sounds strange, I know, but it totally worked!

To top off the cake, I made a really nice cherry-nectarine compote (again, great recipe!). Basically, you dissolve sugar in water and a dry white wine with orange zest and then soak the cherries and nectarines in it for five minutes. After chilling for two hours, voila! Compote! Yummy, yummy compote…! I may make this again just to serve over ice cream or something! It’s THAT good!

Well folks, that’s actually all I have! No long drawn out I love-this-random-ingredient or this-is-why-I-dislike-x posts this week. Just straightforward blogging… (I’ll try not to make this a habit!)


July 19, 2010. Cake, Compote.

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