Pistachio torte review and upcoming treats

I’m still trying to decide the precise criteria I’m going to use to rate my desserts, but as an overall review of the Milk-Chocolate Pistachio Torte, I’m going to give it a so-so. My co-workers seemed to enjoy it. More specifically, people thought it had an excellent texture and, although it was dense, it was not too rich or heavy. But, I just wasn’t wowed. I think I probably would double the pistachio paste layer and maybe make it a little saltier so there was more of a sweet/salty balance – something to give it more of a pop. Anyway, that’s that. I probably wouldn’t make it again but my Dad has requested it when he and my Mom visit in August (YEA) so maybe I’ll experiment a little then and see what happens.

But now, on to bigger and better things! It’s Memorial Day Weekend and that means cookouts… and in my mind, what that signifies is opportunities to bake! Current plans include making carrot cake cookies with cream cheese icing for a cookout in Great Falls with some friends tomorrow. I have to say…. (and I have a feeling my Dad would be very disappointed to hear this), I have never been a big fan of carrot cake. In fact, it baffles me how much OTHERS seem to love carrot cake. I mean, it’s fine, I’ll eat it… but eh. So why am I making these cookies, you ask? Well, it’s going to be 90 outside tomorrow so I need something that doesn’t have to be cold. And I guess I’d rather not drag my tart pan, cupcake holder, or cake holder all over the place… so I’m being lazy and doing cookies. There just happened to be a carrot cake cookie recipe in a recent issue of Bon Appetit so I figured why not? I’ve become a little disenchanted with cookies in general the past few years (except Snickerdoodles, because really, nothing beats a well-made Snickerdoodle…), but they are easy to make and to transport. So there you go.

Unlike the cookies, I’m tres exceited about the dessert I’m making for this week’s glucose replenishment meeting: a blueberry cornmeal cake. I feel like I should apologize to all of you out there who may read this (hi Mom!) who won’t be present for our meeting because I think it’s going to be freaking amazing. From the looks of the ingredients, I think the texture and taste are going to be equally amazing. But, more about that on Tuesday!

Also, as a side note, happy French Open season! Although it’s my least favorite of the Grand Slam tournaments, it marks the beginning of the summer tournament series… and THAT is worth getting excited about!


May 29, 2010. Review.

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  1. Deb replied:

    Not to disaapoint, what can I say, I’m hooked on your Glucose Replenishment website. I am very excited to hear thatyou are going to make Blueberry Cornmeal Cake as the only one I have tried is from Fresh Market in FW, IN and if yours is as good or better…I want the recipe!

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